How To Beat The Pirahna Plants: BeanBean International Airport Superstar Saga

So you arrived at the Beanbean International Airport where you are told that princess peach is supposed to be arriving. 

Turns out that the mushroom kingdom plane is stuck in a holding pattern because the tarmac is infested with… piranha plants. 

In order for Princess Peach to land so you can continue the superstar saga, you’ll need to get rid of every piranha plant. 

Unfortunately, if you engage and beat the plants in battle, they’ll respawn infinitely. 

Walking further down the tarmac you’ll notice a large egg with roots protruding from it. In addition to getting rid of the piranha plants, you’ll need to beat their mom in battle.

But how do you wake up the mom piranha plant so you can start the boss fight?

How Do You Start The Battle With Mom Pirahna Plant?

Mom Piranha Plant in her egg

To open the mom piranha egg and start the inevitable battle with her, you’ll need to permanently get rid of the 6 piranha plants scattered throughout the tarmac. 

At the end of the runway, there’s an NPC who gives you a hint. He basically tells you that the piranha plants need to be wet and then shocked to the roots. 

And that’s exactly what you do. 

Fill Mario up at one of the water spouts near the runway. Use the “high” technique to douse a piranha plant with water (It will turn blue). Then switch to Luigi and use his thunderhand shock ability. 

The game will then switch to a cut scene with one of the roots on the egg getting destroyed and a crack appearing in it. 

Do this 5 more times and mom piranha will wake up from her egg. 

Engage to start the boss fight.

How Much HP Does Mom Piranha Have?

Mom Piranha has 220 HP and fairly high defense. She also has 2 piranha plants that fight with her. Mom piranha will also heal herself when the other two piranha plants are the same color as her. 

How Do You Beat Mom Piranha?

Your firebrand and tunderhand will be useful in this fight. When Mom Piranha is red, then Luigi’s thunderhand will be more powerful. When Mom Piranha is blue, then Mario’s firebrand will be super effective. Also, refrain from using jump moves since they won’t deal much damage. 

The goal to beating Mom Piranha is to keep her from healing herself. 

Pay attention to the colors of her piranha plant minions. If one piranha plant is the same color as Mom Piranha, she will heal. If both are the same color, she will heal even more.

Also, when you attack Mom Pirahna directly, her babies will counterattack right away. They are essentially getting a free attack out of this. 

It may be tempting to focus all your efforts on Mom Piranha but getting rid of the other piranha plants is beneficial. 

After getting rid of the piranha plant helpers, use Chopper Bros./ Knockback Bros attacks to deal lots of damage to Mom Piranha. 

Finally, make sure to pack plenty of items like nuts, mushrooms, and syrups.  

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