How Do You Get Rid Of The Big Koopa In Superstar Saga?

While playing Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga you have probably noticed giant Koopas blocking the paths to various areas. 

They look like this:

They appear pretty early in the game and you’ve probably tried to move them with no luck. But you actually can’t move them until you are about 10 or 15 hours in. 

To save you time, I’ll summarize how to move these large Koopas in one short paragraph:

First, learn Mario’s fire dash move from the Jellyfish Sisters Gigi and Merri. Then point Luigi at the big Koopa and use the dash technique. Luigi will be launched at the Koopa and you’ll knock him over clearing the path. 

For more detail on how to get the technique and when to use it, keep reading. 

Don’t waste your time trying to move them early on, it’ll be pretty obvious when the game wants you to move them. But just in case you are stuck and you missed how to obtain this ability, I’ll explain in this quick guide. 

What Are The Big Koopas In The OverWorld Called? 

These large koopas are called ankoopas. They block various areas needed to progress in Superstar Saga later in the game. 

When you press A to talk to one, this is what they’ll say:

“Derr… No matter what you hit me with, you can’t knock me down. I think…”

Pretty annoying right? Also kind of foreshadowing the fact that later on you will be able to knock them over. 

How Do You Move The Big Koopa In Superstar Saga?

To move the big Koopas, or Ankoopas, in Superstar Saga, you’ll need Mario’s dash ability, This is an overworld technique that you will learn later in the game. 

First, aim Luigi at the Ankoopa, use the dash technique, and run straight into him.

This will cause the big Koopa to fall over. He’ll act surprised and move out of the way for you. And that’s it, big Koopa problem solved! 

How To Obtain The Mario Dash Move

As I mentioned earlier, Mario’s dash move is a technique you will learn later in the game. In fact, it’s required for progression in the storyline. 

There is a series of events that leads you to obtain the ability. Spoiler alert by the way. 

  • After the bean star is divided into 4 pieces, Mario and Luigi will be sent to Oho Oasis and Oho Ocean. 
  • Make your way through these two areas and go back to Queen Bean. 
  • Toadsworth will tell you to go to Teehee Valley to retrieve the first piece.
  • Once you reach Teehee Valley, turn right and head down the path which leads to a pirate ship stuck in the ocean. 
  • Make your way through all the events on the ship and you’ll trigger the cutscene that lands you back in Oho Ocean.
  • Make your way through the new available paths in Oho Ocean until you end up in Gwarhar Lagoon.
  • A few screens into Gwarhar Lagoon you’ll see one of those giant Koopas. But this time you’ll have to move him to progress. 
  • Head up and you’ll find the relaxation room. Head to the receptionist desk and request their services. This will cost at least 100 coins and at most 200 (Quite a big investment for a necessary story progression part!
  • After the next cut scene, the Jellyfish Sisters Gigi and Merri will teach you new overworld techniques that utilize your firebrand and thunderhand moves
  • They call it the tickle and dash moves. Luigi does the tickle move on Mario to allow you to move backward without changing directions (This is what you need to move the boo statues in the overworld).
  • Mario does the dash move on Luigi by essentially burning him with his firebrand causing Luigi to dash forward at an incredibly fast speed. 
  • Dash right into the big Koopa to knock him over.

And that’s it, I hoped this guide helped!

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