Where To Find Every HM In Pokemon Crystal

Hidden Moves (HMs) are important for pretty much every single Pokemon game. They help circumvent obstacles in the world map that block the player from progressing. 

In early Pokemon games, you must teach one of your party Pokemon the HM to use the technique in the overworld. For most players, this was an annoying feature due to the fact that you want to optimize all your Pokemon’s move sets. 

This is where the concept of “HM Slave” came about. Pokemon that could learn a lot of different HMs and were kept in your party purely for the sake of getting past obstacles. 

Also annoying because these would take up one of your 6 Pokemon party slots. 

Some HMs, however, were actually kind of helpful in battle. So it wasn’t the end of the world to teach one of your aces specific HMs. 

But let’s get back on track. The point of this article is to help you find those HMs that are necessary for progressing the storyline. Some are almost impossible to miss but others are pretty far off the beaten path. 

Let’s get to it.

How To Get Cut In Pokemon Crystal (HM01)

You get HM01 “Cut” in Illex forest.  

When you first enter Illex forest, you will find a trainer standing next to an uncut tree. He’ll ask you to return his run-a-way Farfetch’d. You’ll find the Farfetch’d a little further into the forest. 

Press “A” on the Farfetch’d and he’ll run away. All you need to do is flank him so that he runs toward the trainer that lost him instead of further into the woods. 

Once the Farfetch’d is returned, talk to the older man that appears next to the trainer and you’ll be awarded HM01 “Cut.” 

How To Get Fly In Pokemon Crystal (HM02) 

You will receive HM02 “Fly” in Cianwood City. There are a couple of steps you need to take in order to receive this HM. 

  • Step 1: Surf to Cianwood City.
    • This is part of the main storyline since you will need to head over to Cianwood City in order to get the medicine for the sick Ampharos in the Olivine City lighthouse.
    • Pack lots of repels because traversing the ocean can be tedious otherwise. 
  • Step 2: Beat Cianwood gym leader Chuck.
    • Once you arrive at Cianwood City you can challenge the gym leader right away.
    • Chuck is a fighting-type gym leader which means using flying or psychic-type moves are recommended. 
  • Step 3: Talk to Chuck’s wife who is now standing outside the Cianwood gym
    • After beating Chuck you will notice a new woman NPC standing outside the gym. 
    • Talk to this NPC and receive HM02 “Fly.”

How To Get Surf In Pokemon Crystal (HM03)

You receive HM03 “Surf” in Ecruteak City after defeating the kimono girls. The Kimono girls are located in the dancing hall which is just northeast of Morty’s gym. 

Each kimono girl has one of the 5 Eevee evolutions available in Gen 2. If you beat Morty’s gym, you should have no problem beating them. 

After defeating the 5 kimono girls, talk to the gentleman with the hat and he will give you HM03 “Surf.”

In order to use Surf outside of battle, you will need to beat the Ecruteak City ghost-type gym. 

How To Get Strength In Pokemon Crystal (HM04)

HM04 for Strength is an easy HM to miss. 

In Olivine City, go to the Sailor’s Pub located in the southern part of the city. 

Talk to this NPC and he will give you HM04 “Strength.” 

How To Get Flash In Pokemon Crystal (HM05)

HM05 “Flash” is located in the Sprout Tower inside Violet City. 

Go into the tower, make your way to the 3rd floor, and fight the Elder Sage Li. 

Once you defeat him, he’ll give you HM05 for Flash. 

ProTip: Sprout Tower is a great way to get a Gastly early on in the game! 

How To Get Whirlpool In Pokemon Crystal (HM06)

HM06 for Whirlpool is received from Lance after the two of you defeat team rocket in Mahogany Town. 

Here are the steps for receiving Whirlpool:

  • Step 1: Catch or defeat the Shiny Red Garydos at the lake of rage.
    • After doing this, you’ll see Lance on shore and he will ask you to help him figure out what’s going on with the strange radio signal. 
  • Step 2: Meet Lance in the building north of the Poke Center in Mahogany Town
    • This will start the quest with Lance to beat team rocket in their secret hideout.
  • Step 3: Receive HM06 “Whirlpool” from Lance
    • After getting through the entire hideout and cutscenes, Lance will tell you he found the HM for Whirlpool and give it to you.

How To Get Waterfall In Pokemon Crystal (HM07)

The HM for Waterfall is probably the easiest one to miss because it’s found on the ground in Icy Path. To make things worse, you can totally miss finding this HM because it’s located off the main path in this cave.  

Here is how you find Waterfall.

First, enter Ice Path from route 44. After getting through the first sliding ice puzzle, you will reach this set of stairs:

Instead of going up the stairs, go straight across and slide across another small ice puzzle. 

Then you will see a Pokeball item that contains HM07 “Waterfall.” Why did they put the HM for Waterfall in this random spot? Who knows.

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