How To Get Dratini in Pokemon Crystal (3 Methods)

Dratini is a highly sought-after Pokemon due to the fact that it eventually evolves into Dragonite. 

Of course, Dragonite is a powerful Pokemon with high base stats and is very useful for taking on the elite four and difficult trainers like Blue and Red. 

But how do you get Dratini in Pokemon Crystal? 

Well, there are multiple ways. Sadly, getting Dratini is only possible very late in the game. Therefore, you won’t have this powerful ally on your side for much of the main storyline. 

But still, Dratini, and its evolution Dragonite, are still worth finding because there are plenty of opportunities to utilize them in Pokemon Crystal’s extensive post-game. 

Without further ado, here are all the methods for finding Dratini in Pokemon Crystal. 

Method 1: Finding Dratini In The Wild

There are 2 places Dratini can be found through regular wild encounters:

  • Dragon’s Den: The Dragon’s Den is located behind the Blackhorn gym and is only accessible after you beat Clair. You can find Dratini by surfing in the water or using a good/super rod.
  • Route 45: This route is located beneath Blackhorn City. Take the correct path down the route until you reach a pond. Then use your good or super rod to find Dratini. 

How rare is a wild Dratini?

Dratini has the following spawn rates when looking in the wild:

  • Dragon’s Den (Surfing): 10%
  • Dragon’s Den (good rod): 10%
  • Dragon’s Den (super rod): 30%
  • Route 45 (good rod): 10%
  • Route 45 (super rod): 30%

Pro tip: The super rod lets you catch a level 40 Dratini. This is very useful because Dragonair doesn’t evolve into Dragonite until level 55. 

Method 2: Getting The Free Dratini In Pokemon Crystal

Believe it or not, you are given a Dratini as a gift Pokemon in Crystal. The way you obtain this gift is actually part of the main storyline.

This is by far the easiest way to obtain a Dratini in Pokemon Crystal.

After beating Clair, you will go into the Dragon’s Den. Go to the house at the bottom of the lake and talk to the monk inside. He will ask you a series of questions. After answering them correctly, you will receive the final badge from Clair. 

Here is a list of the questions and answers:

  • What are Pokemon to you?
    • Answer: “Pal” or “Friend”
  • What helps you to win battles?
    • Answer: “Strategy” or “Raising”
  • What kind of trainer do you wish to battle?
    • “Tough person” or “Anybody”
  • What is most important for raising Pokemon?
    • Answer: “Love” or “Knowledge”
  • Strong Pokemon. Weak Pokemon. Which is more important?
    • Answer: “Both”

You’ll then leave the building to talk to Clair. Before leaving the Dragon’s Den, go back inside and talk to the monk again. He will give you a Dratini for free! 

Getting Dratini with Extremespeed

Dratini with extremespeed Pokemon Crystal

You get a Dratini with the move Extremespeed as a gift from the man in the Dragon’s Den. This is the same method as above, however, you must answer all the questions correctly the first time. 

By the way, this is the only way to get a Dratini with Extremespeed in this game.

Method 3: Get A Dratini By Gambling In Celadon City

Celadon City in the Kanto region contains the second casino in the game. Next to the Casino building is another building where you can trade your game coins for prizes. 

Dratini is one of the prize Pokemon you can receive. 

However, in my opinion, this is the most time-consuming way of obtaining Dratnini. In order to collect enough coins, you’ll have to be really good at the slot machine or spend a ton of money to trade them in for coins. 

It’s much easier to receive the Dratini gift from the Dragon’s Den or catch one in the Dragon’s Den. 

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